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On September 11 a terrorist Group attacked the Unites States. These feelings caused many Americans to desire legislation to preserve their freedom.

They did not know it was a terrorist attack. Although there is no clear explanation of the attacks on the United States, the main reasons for suffering are the innocent people who were killed in the attacks.

Babington and Barron both agreed that there was a failure in the intelligence of America. It should be tattooed on the forehead of anyone arrogant enough to dictate orders for others to follow.

How can we guarantee this. The media seemed to place the blame on governmental agencies for failure of intelligence. This attack was a terrible lesson for all people and politicians and it has also shown that in the global world all people are in danger.

Bin Laden and his group did not like the U. Americans are proud of the way they coped with the attacks and how people behaved during the disaster. Also, awkward questions were no longer going to be dismissed based on ethnicity. In Corbin Inthe National Intelligence Council wrote a report warning that bin Laden associates "might hijack an aircraft and crash it into an American government building Corbin It seemed unfair that before September 11 people of Middle Eastern descent were not viewed any differently, but they were afterwards because people of the same descent were the cause of the attacks.

The most well-known exceptions are the Palestinians, openly showed their joy over the attacks on America. Ignorance is not dangerous if you admit to it. I would like to find out what happened that day, How has the attack effected America and how is their safety after the attack, has it become better or worse.

The official version of what happened has been criticized by some journalists, scholars and witnesses to the tragedy. I do it all the time. The airport control has become stricter we must almost not have ourselves with on a plane anymore.

These words seemed to have the greatest impact on Americans.

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They did not know it was a terrorist attack. The answer is simple: Al Qaeda has hit them well on the eco-nomic way, the money they spent on military improvement and it is one of the rea-sons that there are economic crisis in the country today.

As Bush was gaining support, America was dealt another blow, the fear of biological warfare began terrifying Americans. Officially, the responsibility for these attacks lies with the terrorist organization Al-Qaeda.

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We receive emails with headlines such as "please do my essay a. It is important to be united and to resist the threat together. Chains forced upon us as children when we did not have the will to refuse or ask questions.

Essay UK - http: If we had perfect answers for things progress would be impossible, as to believe in the idea of progress requires belief in the many ignorances of the present. One of the men involved, Abdul Hakim Murad, revealed to Philippines intelligence that al-Qaeda was planning to use aircraft as a weapon of mass destruction.

Their foreign policy changed, they began to strengthen their military and plan in-vasions in both Afghanistan and Iraq to stop possible future terrorist attacks against them.

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There is a day we will always remember, forever, and that day is September 11, This day is burned into the minds and hearts of America. It will forever be a day of infamy. A encyclopedia commemorating the 10th anniversary of the September 11, attacks on the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon.

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Topics include FDNY, Ground Zero, first responders. I can say that the events of September 11, affected me personally and they have they changed the country. Also, American relations with other countries were affected by the attack and they also changed.

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